Top 10+1 Running Tips

July 13, 2010


Just noticed my friend Andrea posted a request on Twitter:  “Runner tweeps: my hips always hurt quite a bit. Is it my shoes? Do I need to stretch more? Will I always be hurtin’?”

Well Andrea and everyone else re-establishing their running life, this is for you. And no your hips won’t always hurt, you’re feeling some new muscles, be kind and stretch :)

Top 10 + 1 Elation Running Tips 

  1. Warm up – with 5 to 10 minutes of fast walking or very slow running. This will allow your heart rate to rise slowly as it pumps blood to your legs and away from your torso – very hard work for your heart
  2. Start slow – Don’t do too much too quickly. If you haven’t run in a while, start with 20-30 minutes and even break it down to a run/walk routine – run 10 minutes and walk 1 minute. New to Running, take our Beginner Runner class
  3. Stretch it out – after you run (as opposed to before). Stretch for 10 – 15 minutes, don’t bounce, breath while you stretch. Focus on hips, hamstrings, thighs, calves and lower back – check out our podcasts and yoga for hips classes 
  4. Stay hydrated – 8 cups of water each day will give you more energy when you exercise. Bring water with you on your run and take small sips along the way. Once you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated.
  5. Motivation – find a running buddy or join a group check out the Elation Run Club and Classes
  6. Clothing – wear moisture-wicking clothing. The label will say cool-max, dri-fit or the like, do not wear cotton, this creates chaffing and this = pain!
  7. Shoes and socks – buy the proper shoes and moisture-wicking socks. Go to a proper running store and have a professional check your gait and suggest a number of shoes for you to try on. They should feel perfect in the store; there is no break in period. Moisture- wicking socks = no blisters. If you live in or near Ottawa go to Sports 4 for your shoes, they are the best
  8. Running bra – get the best one money can buy, Andrea has a great blog post on running bras and some tips from fellow runners
  9. If you think you may need orthotics go to a specialist and make sure that specialist is a runner – if you live in Ottawa go to Solefit Othotics, Ryan, Neil and the Solefit team offer expert advice and integrity   
  10. Get a training diary and keep track of your progress – you will be amazed and proud of yourself. Also keep track of injuries and how you feel after a run, this can help you nip injuries in the bud before they sideline your running
  11. Have fun! :)


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