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Donna Host Yoga on Rogers TV

Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Life  are hosted, written, and co-produced by Donna Davis for Rogers Ottawa.

“Creating and hosting these shows for Rogers TV is an amazing experience. In 30 minutes you experience a great strength and flexibility workout that is accessible to to all levels. The feedback we receive is so positive, I love being a catalyst to bring yoga to more and more people .” - Donna

Yoga for Runners (TV schedule Click Here)

Hosted by Donna Davis, Yoga for Runners is a series of half hour episodes for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle – and for runners, both serious and recreational, looking to run faster and stronger. Using all-levels Power Yoga, Donna guides viewers to maximize strength, concentration and flexibility and helps lengthen and re-balance tight muscles to prevent injury.

Yoga for Life (TV schedule Click Here)

Hosted by Donna Davis, Yoga for Life is an all levels Flow Yoga practice designed to bring you more energy, reduce stress and help correct or prevent common every day injuries. Yoga for Life is seen on Rogers On Demand Online.

The Demonstrators:

Season 1- Jeanette Steffler & Lindsay Firestone



Season 2 – Jeanette Steffler & Alison Fowler






Season 3 – Martha Judd and Jane Brown

Martha, Donna, Jane